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Sumitomo 6 Series SR Hydraulic Excavator Training Has Been Done

The training program with wide participation for Sumitomo’s new 6 Series Short Radius (SR) model hydraulic excavators was completed in Ankara Regional Directorate Training Center. The training was performed by the production and design team of Sumitomo’s Chiba Factory in Tokyo as well as the International Sales Department officials.

Sumitomo, the world’s leading crawler hydraulic excavator manufacturer, brought a brand new breath to the market with its major changes and innovations in the Short Radius series SH75X-6, SH80X-6A, SH145X-6, SH235X-6. 6 Series SR excavators using the new generation environmentally friendly and economical ISUZU Tier IV engine, draw away its competitors with its wide and spacious cabin, multifunctional led screen, low noise level, extra protection bars providing high security, extra reinforced boom-arm and many more features.

A training program organized by the authorities of Turkey sales between 3-4 May, attended by sales representatives of Turkey. In this training program, detailed information was given about the products and their advantages compared to competitors were explained. Seeing the advantages offered by the new 6 Series excavators to the users and testing them practically, sales representatives stated that they do not doubt that the products designed with a brand new concept far beyond the customer demands will attract great attention in the light of their experience in the field.

SH145X-6, one of the 6 Series hydraulic excavators attracting attention with its new generation environmentalist and high performance engine, also made a strong impression on the award it received. SH145X-6 series achieved a great success by winning the “Best 100 Designs” and “Safe Working Support System” awards in the evaluation held in Japan at the end of 2014, in which 3,600 different designs offered.

Certificates were given to the participants at the end of the two-day training.

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