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SUMITOMO Construction Site Training Continues

“Safe and Efficient Excavator Usage Trainings” organized by TSM Global Training Department continues at full speed.

A new one has been added to the trainings organized by TSM Global on the efficient use of Sumitomo excavators. Özcoşkun Yapı, which has expanded its machinery park with the Sumitomo excavators it has recently added to its fleet, provided training to its staff at the infrastructure and agricultural area project construction site in the Anamur District of Mersin. Approximately 25 operators and technical personnel who attended the training held in the first week of December received theoretical and practical training accompanied by a presentation prepared by the TSM Global Training Department.

Excavator use and daily maintenance, what needs to be done to work safely and securely, what is efficient working and how, the advantages of using original parts and the benefits it provides to the machine, how to prevent breakdowns, preventive controls and maintenance, how to increase working performance, Participants were informed about G@Nav Satellite Tracking System and PBA (Periodic Maintenance Agreements).

sumitomo eğitimleri devam ediyor

Conscious Operator Increases Efficiency
In the training where it was emphasized that the operator and other technical personnel’s knowledge of the technical capacity and limits of the machines and their correct use would increase efficiency, the usage modes of Sumitomo excavators and the advantages they offer were demonstrated. In the training where various functions specific to Sumitomo excavators were shown, the advantages of these functions over other brands of machines were also mentioned.

In the training, many topics such as choosing the right mode on the right ground for low fuel consumption, digging and loading angle, standing on the countertop, full filling of the bucket, reducing bucket and claw wear, preventing cylinder, arm and boom damage, the importance of radiator and pallet cleaning were discussed. The information was reinforced practically on the machine.

In addition, the training program ended with questions and answers, while information was given on many subjects from ergonomic seat settings, air conditioning settings, digital screen reading to the use of side and rear view cameras of Sumitomo excavators, where operator comfort and safety are prioritized. While a “Certificate of Participation” was given to the personnel participating in the training, it was announced that the trainings given by the TSM Global Training Department would continue.

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