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SUMITOMO Power in High Speed ​​Train Project

Çelikler Holding, which is one of the leading companies in Turkey and has a deep-rooted history, has strengthened its machinery park with Sumitomo excavators within the scope of the Ankara-Sivas Railway Project.

Çelikler Holding, which continues the infrastructure construction of the Kayaş-Kırıkkale Section I (Kayaş-Elmadağ) Infrastructure of the Ankara (Kayaş) Kırıkkale Yozgat Sivas High Speed ​​Train line with a total length of 393 km, preferred Sumitomo for the tracked excavators needed in the construction of the project. Celikler Holding preferred Sumitomo’s heavy-duty series SH490LHD-6 model crawler excavators for the project, in which a large amount of soil movement will be made in a short time.

Contributing to the timely and trouble-free completion of the project with its high speed, low fuel consumption, superior breakout power and high bucket capacity, SH490LHD-6 excavators work without stopping, especially with long maintenance intervals and maintenance agreements made with after-sales services. In order to complete the project within the specified schedule, the machines that work continuously are under protection within the framework of TSM Global’s maintenance package.

SH490LHD-6 machines, all of which are periodically maintained by the service team of TSM Global Ankara Regional Directorate, work in various parts along the high-speed train line, step by step.

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