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They Trust TSM GLOBAL and Its Brands

Eko İş Makinaları, Turkey’s leading iron and steel center, provides 24/7 service and supports TSM Global brands in the projects it carries out. Eko İş Makinaları, which has Sumitomo, Hyster and Fuchs brand machines, attaches importance to after-sales services.

Eko İş Makinaları, which has a wide customer portfolio including many large iron and steel companies such as Groups Kroman Çelik, Diler Demir Çelik, İzmir Demir Çelik, as well as large industrial plant enterprises; From road maintenance to facility construction, from pipeline to field expansion, it does many things at the same time. Providing information about the company’s working areas, the projects it carries out and the machine weight, Mesut Alkan, one of the Eko Construction Machinery Managers, said, “Our company, which has approximately 150 construction machines, provides service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with nearly 300 personnel. Construction is our business. We do all kinds of excavation, arrangement, factory site works. We serve important companies of Turkey in long-term projects. In other areas, we do not take part in one-day or short-term construction and excavation projects.”

Stating that the businesses they serve are heavy industries, Alkan said, “The companies are very busy and work under really heavy conditions. For example, heavy vehicles are constantly working in factories. For this reason, there is a constant renewal and arrangement in the factory and in the field. There is a constant update on the roads and infrastructure,” he said.

“We serve businesses such as Kroman Demir Çelik, Diler Demir Çelik, Sıddık Kardeşler, Tos Çelik in İzmir Habaş and İzmir Demir Çelik in the Kocaeli region. Our business is in the iron and steel industry. Mesut Alkan, who said, “We work completely for factories, underlined that it is necessary to have a very large machine park in order to provide solutions for the needs of these enterprises. Alkan said, “We have dozens of fixed machines in the factories of our customers, besides, of course, we also have spare machines. The need may increase from time to time. In this case, there may be machine shifts from the enterprises,” he said.

We Trust TSM Global and Its Brands
Underlining that as Eko İş Makinaları, the machines of Sumitomo, Hyster and Fuchs, of which TSM Global is the representative, have an important place in their machine park, Alkan said that they have machines of various tonnages. Alkan said that there are currently 17 Sumitomo excavators, 22 Hyster forklifts of different tonnages up to 16 tons, as well as 6 Fuchs industrial excavators of different tonnages. Noting that they trust TSM Global and its brands, Mesut Alkan said, “Our machine park is wide. Because we need to provide circulation. If a machine breaks down, we cannot lay it down. We cannot keep a machine waiting for fifteen or twenty days. We have facilities operating 24 hours a day. We can’t keep the factory waiting. We exist as long as we do them. If we can’t do these things and meet the customer’s needs, we can’t do business here anyway. At this point, we trust both our infrastructure and TSM Global and its brands.”

Mentioning the projects they are carrying out, Mesut Alkan also gave information about the ongoing factory infrastructure construction and said, “The construction area in the GEBKİM Organized Industrial Zone has a very hard and difficult ground. Here we carry out excavation, dismantling and breaking operations with Sumitomo excavators. Currently, three of our SH210LC-6, SH250-6 and SH350LC-6 excavators are operating in this field. We are very satisfied with the performance of the machines,” he said.

Our Strong Level and Cooperation of After Sales Services
Pointing out that there are machine parks belonging to very different brands and different business lines, Mesut Alkan stated that they have a wide range to keep these machines in working condition. “Our own level carries out many works from the hydraulic hose to the differential of the machines, from lathe works to engine revision, with their own means. In order not to stand still, the most important issue is the supply of spare parts, and at this point, we are working with a backup system.”

Stating that he has various criteria in the purchase of machinery, Mesut Alkan said, “Durability, fuel efficiency, failure density, spare parts supply, availability of external parts, and finally the main issue is the investment cost, which we can ignore in some cases, but is still very important for us. All these issues are factors in our machine choice. Although their priorities change, these are important criteria for us.”

Expressing their satisfaction in working with TSM Global, Mesut Alkan noted that excavators have an important role in their work and opened a separate parenthesis on this subject. “We are pleased with the rapid response and parts supply with Sumitomo excavators, which are mainly working in tough jobs. We all know fuel efficiency already. The fuel consumption of the machines is very low. There is no problem in terms of machine efficiency, robustness, parts supply. Fuel is the most advantageous part for me, operator comfort is also very good for me. The second-hand prices of Sumitomos are also good,” Alkan said, adding that they work very hard as part of their job and that they continue this process with solution partners who can keep up with them.

Fatih Mandirali / Foreman
“The work we have done here is the construction of the curtains of the existing construction site. We have three machines in this field. Dismantling and demolition work is done with machines. Although the ground is hard, we get high performance from the machines. We have SH210LC-6 machine in Crimea. We feed the crusher jaw with the SH350LC-6. The performance of the machine is very good compared to its fuel. Very good at dismantling. The SH250-6 is an ideal machine for leveling, it is very good for leveling. On the other hand, the 210LC-6 is very useful for us in crushers, intermediate places and narrow places. The comfort of the machines is very good for the operators. The angle of view is clear, whether it’s the cameras or the mirrors, it’s very clear, very good.”

Jesus Isler / 7 Years Operator
“We have worked on many machines before. I really prefer Sumitomo. Sumitomo is fine in terms of comfort, in terms of power. It’s my favorite machine. We work very comfortably on these machines. Although the machine is large, it is quite fast, even though it is a machine with tonnage. The rear and side view cameras are very good. We can use the machine without even needing a mirror. Our crowbars are very soft, they are definitely not tiring. The thing I like the most is the operator comfort first and the speed second. The fuel is very good, the fuel consumption is low. I think it’s a machine that everyone should buy and use.”

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