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Timeless SUMITOMO Quality

Sumitomo SH330LHD-3 model excavator, which has been used by Selim İnşaat since 2005, defying the years, the company has grown its fleet with Sumitomo excavators again.

Selim İnşaat, which is among the important excavation companies of the European Side of Istanbul, continues its investments with the brand Sumitomo, which it has preferred from past to present. The new investments made in the company, which has been using Sumitomo since 2005 with the Sumitomo SH330LHD-3 model, which works in the foundation excavation of the business center construction, which is under construction in Istanbul Hadımköy, has also been Sumitomo. Selim Construction Machinery and Construction Sites Responsible Metin Eryiğit stated that they have been operating in the region for many years and that Sumitomo is the right choice in the selection of construction equipment, and said, “We met the Sumitomo brand in the first years of our company. The first Sumitomo excavator we bought was the SH330LHD-3 model. We reached about 27 thousand hours with this machine and frankly, we did not have any major problems. I would like to express that we are very satisfied with the power, speed, performance, fuel consumption and after-sales services of the machine. As Sumitomo, we made the new machinery investments we needed for the ongoing projects of our already developing and growing company in different regions. We have strengthened our machine park by adding SH300-6 and SH350LC-6 machines in 31 and 35 tons class to our machines, which we previously bought as SH370LHD-5 with 40 tons class.”


“New Machines Much Less Consumption”
Expressing that they have a strong team and a large machine park, Eryiğit expressed their satisfaction by pointing out the advantages of their new machinery investments. Eryiğit said, “Our company has a large and professional staff who love their job. That’s why we scrutinize every investment we make in our business. We did so again and preferred Sumitomo. The new Sumitomo 6 series machines we bought made us very happy with their really low fuel consumption and much higher performance. Our new machines burn much less. In addition, some innovations and improvements made from the machine have increased both its speed and power. While it offers us a great advantage with its large bucket capacity on clay, stony or hard floors where we work, its breaking power accelerates our work very, very much. Robust arm and boom structure and operator comfort are also the points we like.”

sumitomo ekskavatör yıllara meydan okuyor

“Still Working Seamlessly in 27 Thousand Hours”
Mehmet Okdağ, the operator of the SH330LHD-3 model machine, who worked together with the SH300-6 model machine in the construction project carried out in Hadımköy, stated that he was an operator for 16 years and said that he used many different brands and models of machinery, but Sumitomo was much easier and more comfortable to use. “I use an old machine, but it is a very well-maintained and alive machine. Fuel is good. It has nothing to say in terms of strength, it’s fine. Friends who use Sumitomo already know. He’s one of the best out there,” he said. Noting that the machine is in very good condition for its age, Okdağ said, “The levers and stuff are fine. It will be 27 thousand hours. I am very satisfied. It’s a 16 year old machine, but it’s fine for its age. Operators know that after 15 thousand hours, there will be crowbar leaks or something, you can’t get into it, you can’t work, you can’t do a leveling or something with the machine. But this machine is pretty good for its age. There is no hijacking on the crowbars. Their gait is still more original. Only the sleeves inside the reel are worn. This is also very normal. It’s a pretty good machine. Operators do not normally work on the old machine. Even if they are paid more, they will not work. But I work because I am satisfied. “The machine is in good condition,” he said.

sumitomo ekskavatörler sağlam, hızlı, verimli

“I Used It For 15 Years, without any problems”
Tevfik Öztürk, one of the senior personnel of the company and who has been an operator for more than 35 years, stated that he has been working with Sumitomo’s 6 series machines for the last year, and that he spent years on the SH330LHD-3 series machine he used before, and expressed his satisfaction during the time he used it. Öztürk said, “I was very satisfied. It was a strong, solid machine that did not cause problems. The machine I am using now is Sumitomo again. I am using Suimtomo’s SH350LC-6 model machine. Whether it’s fuel, durability or dismantling power, it’s fine. Fuel consumption is low. It’s a pretty solid machine. For example, it is very good in Söküde,” he said. Öztürk stated that he used new machines of different models and brands in the past and in the recent period, and said, “No machine has the taste of use in Sumitomo.”

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