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TSM GLOBAL Makes a Difference with After Sales Services

Attracting attention with its strong spare parts and service network spread over the new region of Turkey, TSM Global continues its investments aiming at customer satisfaction without interruption.

Gathering the world’s leading brands under one roof, TSM Global makes a difference in the market with its professional solutions for the needs of different companies from different sectors. TSM Global Heavy Equipment Services Manager Çağrı Salman gave information about TSM Global’s understanding of after-sales services, the services they offer and investments, and stated that they are always with their customers with their extensive and strong service network. Calling Salman, who gave information on the service structure and service centers in Turkey, said, “As TSM Global, we have a sales and after-sales service network spread over 7 regions of Turkey. In addition to our Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir Regional Directorates, we provide services to our customers at both machine sales and spare parts sales points with our Diyarbakir, Bursa Sales Offices and our Antalya, Trabzon, Adana Sales Offices. We provide uninterrupted service to our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with our 22 authorized service machines, mobile service vehicles, and after-sales services staff consisting of approximately 300 people, including our dealers, spread from Samsun to Adana, from Diyarbakır to Edirne.”

“We Listen to Our Customers”
Stating that they offer services to different business lines, Salman said, “TSM Global, which gathers a wide customer portfolio with different brands and therefore similar aspects, but different business lines under one roof, makes investments and constantly improves itself by taking positions according to the expectations of its customers.” Noting that they attach importance to customer communication, Çağrı Salman said, “In this context, customer calls are made and satisfaction surveys are carried out regarding all kinds of service and spare part services, be it our own or authorized services. In addition, our field support team, which we have established, visits the construction site throughout Turkey and negotiates about our machines, their performance, and the demands in the field conditions at all levels, from the oiler to the operator, from the foreman to the site manager. The service quality offered by our authorized services is asked, their expectations and satisfaction are evaluated, and fast solutions are produced by sharing their demands with the relevant units.

Salman said, “We can say that the first of the results that attract our attention in these studies is that our failure detection and failure response speed is getting full marks by our customers. Apart from this, we can count many other points such as the availability of spare parts and product quality among the topics that our customers are satisfied with. These positive returns from the field are the most important indicator that we are on the right track.”

Providing information about parts supply and service response processes, Çağrı Salman said, “As TSM Global, our biggest goal is to provide 24/7 service to our customers, and at this point, I would like to state that we show a devoted and disciplined work to ensure that no machine or business stops. In this context, we supply parts to our customers instantly or by air cargo, according to the criteria we call from the shelf or warehouse. I would like to underline that we provide service in the form of ready stock, which we call off the shelf, over 90% in our spare parts supply. In other words, more than 90% of the parts needed by a customer requesting service are available in our authorized service or in the central service warehouse stocks. Of course, this means that we repair and maintain the machines very quickly and our customers continue their work in a very short time.”

Periodically See Deals Win
With the words “Customer satisfaction is the most important criterion for us”, Çağrı Salman pointed out that the service provided to customers should be of high quality and said, “As After Sales Services, we offer Periodic Maintenance Packages (PBA) in order to maintain this satisfaction.” Salman said, “PBA is a maintenance program that ensures that the periodic maintenance of the construction equipment we represent is carried out by expert teams with an uninterrupted service approach using advantageous budgets and original spare parts. Whether our customer’s machine is new or second-hand, they can benefit from PBA. Regardless of the age and model of our customer’s machine, they can choose one of PBA’s 2000 – 4000 – 6000 or 8000 hour packages. Our customers can also have extra advantages with the PBA Premium package.”

Adding that the service offered brings great advantages to the customer, Salman said; “We would like to mention the advantages that PBA offers to the customer. Possible malfunctions in the machines are prevented and the service life is extended. With PBA, the second hand value of your machine increases and extra discounts are offered in parts and labor. Extra spare parts discount is earned for out-of-warranty malfunctions, free of charge G@Nav machine tracking system is obtained, and your machine is kept under constant control. With the free PBA Report and Oil Analysis Report service, your machine is given a maintenance certificate.”

Noting that in addition to these advantages offered, periodic pump, engine and machine revision campaigns are held, Çağrı Salman stated that they also offer advantages to our customers in filter, air conditioner, undercarriage, spare parts, maintenance and service services.

“We Provide Widespread, Powerful, Expert and Reliable Solutions”
Underlining that they attach great importance to customer satisfaction, Çağrı Salman said, “As TSM Global, we offer widespread, powerful, expert and reliable solutions. And we offer these solutions both fast, economically and guaranteed. Thanks to our maintenance and repairs with original parts, fulfilling all technical requirements, your machines work with much longer life and higher performance. With our expert staff, we are always with our customers wherever they are in Turkey. As TSM Global After Sales Services, we always strive to make you work much more profitably, much faster and more efficiently with quality service and professional solutions. In this sense, the satisfaction of our customers is our primary goal and we continue to work within the framework of this goal.”

You Are In Control With Satellite Tracking System
The Sumitomo Machine Tracking System is an equipment-based, user-friendly machine management tool that combines telematics and GPS technology. The machine tracking system will provide timely and reliable machine use, in addition to operational information, and will help prevent thefts with 24-hour surveillance and geolocation reporting capabilities. With the Sumitomo machine tracking system, you can remotely monitor, track and record the location, operating performance, operating status and periodic maintenance requirements of your machines. In addition, with Gn@v, you have the opportunity to receive daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports so that you can better manage your business needs and other assets and investments.

Minimizes Equipment Maintenance Time
The Sumitomo machine monitoring system monitors and records both routine and large (regular, large, long-term) service intervals for your machines, thus providing greater flexibility and control when planning maintenance procedures. It also allows you to be more proactive in the event of potential malfunctions. When any error code (DTC) is detected, a warning message will appear on the machine screen and an e-mail alert will be automatically sent to you.

You Can Track Equipment Investment
The Sumitomo machine monitoring system offers a number of security measures to protect your equipment against damage or theft. The system visually maps machine locations on the internet. If a running machine moves away from the designated work area (if its geolocation changes), a system alert will be sent and the system will go into monitoring mode. Machine operation is limited.

What can we see with the Sumitomo Machine Tracking System (G@NAV)?
• Machine location
• Geolocation and out-of-work functions
• Actual (current) fuel consumption
• Fuel levels
• Reading the machine operating hours
• Radiator water temperature
• Fleet usage
• Attachment working hours
• Service maintenance reminders
• DTC fault code notifications

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