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TSM GLOBAL Wind at Izmir Marble Fair

Participating in the 25th Izmir International Natural Stone and Technologies Fair this year, TSM GLOBAL attracted great attention with its SUMITOMO excavator and HYSTER forklifts, and the solutions it offers from “quarry to port”.

Japanese giant Sumitomo’s SH350LC-6, SH370LHD-6, SH490LHD-6 MASS and SH510LHD-6 MASS models stand out as the most preferred models in marble quarries in Turkey. While the 72-ton SH700LHD-5 MASS model is used in large-scale quarry operations, the demands in this tonnage class are increasing in parallel with the growth in the sector. American Hyster, which is also a world brand, serves the sector with its diesel and battery forklifts with a lifting capacity of 3-5.5 tons in marble quarries and factories, and heavy-duty forklifts with a lifting capacity of 32 tons and 16 tons in port-warehouse areas and block stacking areas.

Customer Satisfaction Our First Priority
Commenting on the Izmir Marble Fair, TSM GLOBAL Deputy General Manager responsible for Construction Equipment Burak Ertuğrul pointed out that the contraction in the market increased competition and stated that as TSM GLOBAL, they were organized according to these new market conditions and they continued their investments in order to offer the most advantageous and best service to their customers. Stating that they are always with the customers, Ertuğrul said, “Izmir Marble Fair is an important event for us to come together with our customers. This year, we took our place in the fair with our products for the marble industry. During the fair, we received great interest from our customers and I can say that this situation made us very satisfied. The product quality of the Japanese giant Sumitomo, which we represent, and the flawless service policy we offer as TSM GLOBAL, are highly welcomed by our customers in all sectors we serve, especially in the marble and mining sector. Underlining that customer satisfaction is their first priority, Burak Ertuğrul stated that they had a successful fair.

We always aim to provide the best sales and after-sales service.
TSM GLOBAL Deputy General Manager responsible for forklifts, stacking and port equipment, Can Demirel, stated that the wide product range of the Hyster brand is known and preferred products, and stated that the equipment and features of the forklifts they exhibited at the fair fully responded to the demands of the marble industry. “As TSM GLOBAL, we have a team that always aims to provide the best sales and after-sales services, and we are moving towards the top with very confident steps on this path. Of course, the biggest demands of customers operating in a market with high added value, such as the marble sector, are trouble-free machinery and trouble-free after-sales services. We offer high performance, durable and low fuel consumption products with our Hyster brand. We increase our customer satisfaction by combining this product quality with after-sales services.” Demirel stated that the sales figures they have achieved in the market are satisfactory. Emphasizing that the fair was quite successful for them, Demirel thanked the interest shown by marble customers to Hyster.

High Efficiency, High Profit with Sumitomo New 6 Series
SH370LHD-6 and SH490LHD-6 MASS models exhibited by TSM GLOBAL at the fair, thanks to Sumitomo’s hydraulic pump with increased efficiency and its powerful engine combined with “Sumitomo Intelligent Hydraulic Control System” (SIHIS) technology, high power, efficiency, performance, seriality and ease of use. offers. Sumitomo’s heavy-duty award-winning new 6 series excavators make production in quarries more profitable.

Thanks to the technologies developed for fuel efficiency in the SH370LHD-6 and SH490LHD-6 models, which visitors have the opportunity to see closely, costs per ton have been reduced. Thanks to the SSC (Piston Stroke Control) system, the engine load is reduced during heavy-duty work. AES (Automatic Energy Saving) technology reduces the engine speed accordingly when low engine load is detected. PTR (Pump Passage Drop) technology, on the other hand, reduces the motor load when the pump flow requirement decreases with the sudden pump load. With the engine shutdown feature at idle, the engine automatically stops if the machine does not move for a set period of time, while the automatic idle feature allows the engine to continue at idle for approximately 5 seconds after the levers are in the neutral position. These developed systems combine with the SP, H and A modes functions, which enable high efficiency to be produced, and allow the operator to excavate, disassemble and load very quickly and comfortably.

Heavy Duty Extra Reinforced Design
Thanks to the extra reinforced MASS and heavy-duty boom and arm structure, Sumitomo excavators show high performance especially when working with ripper. While the extra reinforced boom and arm structure creates less vibration during operation; high stress resistance also ensures that the machine works comfortably even under the toughest loads. Thanks to this structure, it is possible to work in a more balanced and efficient manner.

Armored Undercarriage Advantage on Hard and Abrasive Ground
Another feature of Sumitomo excavators, especially sought after in the marble sector, is heavy-duty, armored undercarriage. Special heat-treated and reinforced undercarriage provides extra protection with its armored structure, as well as providing more rapid mobility thanks to the higher number of rollers. Sumitomo excavators, which can operate smoothly during long working hours in the highly abrasive material in the harsh conditions of the marble quarries, offer uninterrupted production with their performance on hard and difficult floors.

Comfort and Safety Standard
Specially designed and developed cabin in Sumitomo new 6 series; It has special silicone shoes that prevent vibration, powerful air conditioning, glass that offers wide viewing angles and mirrors in ISO standards. Many features such as the operator seat that is not affected by water and dust, large interior volume, comfortable and ergonomic control system, extra security system against theft, non-slip steps, protective handrails provide the safety and comfort of the operators.

Sumitomo, which increases operator comfort with its cooled glove compartment and additional storage areas, also provides better air flow with its fully automatic air conditioner. In addition, the noise level in the cabin during operation has been reduced compared to the previous series. Sumitomo designers aimed to increase efficiency, especially with seat designs that allow the operator to work for long hours.

The new high resolution 7 inch color control screen provides easy access to all control and machine data with its multifunctional structure. From this high-resolution screen, which is ergonomically positioned in the full field of view of the operator; operating modes, travel speed, ECO indicator, fuel level indicator, engine coolant temperature, hydraulic oil temperature, power boost, fuel consumption status, clock, attachment selection, anti-theft security, work lights, operating clock, radio control It can see and control information and instant data digitally. Also on this panel are the travel speed button, camera on/off and camera toggle button, engine idle mode button, windshield wiper and work lights on/off button. This high resolution and ergonomic screen of Sumitomo also has a user-friendly structure with its Turkish menu option.

All-round View
The side view camera, which was presented to the users for the first time in the Sumitomo 6 series, combined with the rear view camera, provides the operator with full control of the machine environment in terms of safety. In the cabin, both camera images can be brought side by side on the new digital horizontal monitor.

Easy Maintenance
Sumitomo excavators, which offer daily control from ground level, provide uninterrupted production without stopping even in high dusty environments in their quarries, especially thanks to the 1,000 hour pin lubrication interval. Depending on the oil quality and operating conditions used, Sumitomo excavators also extended their maintenance periods and paved the way for efficient work, thanks to the hydraulic oil change period of 5,000 hours, the filter change period of 2,000 hours, the bucket and the pin-bush lubrication time of 250 hours.
The operator can easily access all components by opening the hood easily while performing daily checks from ground level. It can easily control filters and all other elements manually and visually, and make changes.

Withstands Heavy Loads
Hyster, a manufacturer of full line forklifts, port machines and warehouse equipment from 1 to 54 tons, has the distinction of being the only brand that can meet all kinds of needs of its customers in all operations in the marble sector, from production to port shipment, thanks to this wide product range it offers to its users.

In addition to the Hyster H5.0FT with 5 tons lifting capacity and Hyster H3.0XT diesel forklift models with 3 tons lifting capacity exhibited at the fair, the Hyster J1.6XNT MWB 3-wheel battery forklift with a lifting capacity of 1.6 tons, the Hyster J3.0XN battery forklift with 3 tons lifting capacity and the 5.5 Hyster J5.5XN6 lithium-ion battery forklift models with a lifting capacity of 1 ton were presented to the visitors. In addition, the Hyster H32XM-12 heavy tonnage forklift with a lifting capacity of 32 tons was also exhibited at the fair.

In addition, there are special marble attachment applications in the stacking of marble slabs in the form of bands in the factories. Hyster H5.5FT model forklifts with a lifting capacity of 5.5 tons, which have a high work capacity compatible with their special attachment, also have the ability to enter the container. With this model, marble slabs weighing 3,000 kg and a length of 3,000 mm can be easily loaded into the container.

Hyster’s high-tonnage forklift models from 8 to 32 tons respond to demands as an alternative to wheel loaders for higher capacity loading and especially in the loading operation of marble blocks. Hyster H32XM-12 with a lifting capacity of 32 tons, which is intensively used both for loading and transporting block marbles at the factory site, is preferred with its high cycle speed, powerful hydraulic system and high work capacity.

Hyster Power at the Factory and at the Port
In port loadings, which is the last step of the marble production operation, Hyster RS46-33CH model reach stackers handle the marbles loaded in containers and make them ready for shipment to the destination port. The high-tech Hyster RS46-33CH reach stackers offer great advantages to marble producers with their duty cycle speeds, their powerful telescopic boom structure that allows stacking up to 6 rows, and their powerful and economical engine. Again, with the Hyster H32XM-12 model, up to three rows of containers are loaded in the port areas.

With its nearly 100 years of production experience and wide product range, Hyster manufactures for the needs of sectors with heavy working conditions, especially the marble sector, and offers it to the service of users all over the world. Hyster forklifts are among the first choices of the marble industry with their high performance under harsh working conditions, low operating costs, long maintenance intervals, ease of use and operator comfort.

All Solutions Together with TSM GLOBAL
TSM GLOBAL, which provides service from quarry to port with its wide product range for the marble industry, is always with its customers with its after-sales services. TSM GLOBAL, which responds to the needs of the marble industry, which works 24/7, with instant and fast service solutions, supports its customers to make uninterrupted production with its widespread service network and appropriate spare parts supply.

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