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We Prefered Sumitomo After Seeing Its Power And Fuel Saving


Selahattin Onur who prefered Sumitomo excavators previously and was the chairman President of TUMMER by two periods (Turkish Marble Natural Stone and Machinery Manufacturers)  said “ For he development of marble industry, it is necessary to spread to the world markets, to focus on final production and to become a brand.”

Onur Mermer, founded in 1997 in Finike District of Antalya, continues its activities with three limestones and one beige quarry.The company, which started its 6,000 square meter factory in 2006, is prefering Sumitomo in the excavator group. Providing information about the machinery park in the quarries, Onur said that “we have a total of 14 equipment machines. 5 of them are excavators, 5 are wheel loaders and 4 are articulated dump trucks. Our excavator park is Sumitomo brand and consists of SH480LHD-5 and SH370LHD-5 model machines.

Mentioning to the fact that a good construction equipment brings many features together, Selahattin Onur continued his words as follows:” for the marble industry, the machine with the strongest attachment in the loader group means a good machine. In the excavator, our priorities are durability and power. A 45-50 ton machine in the marble industry is an ideal machine if it will not be very operable.”

Expressing his satisfaction with Sumitomo excavators, Onur said, “We bought our first Sumitomo branded machine 7-8 years ago. We compared the last two machines with other brands before buying. We chose Sumitomo after seeing its power and fuel saving. Our machines have not stopped due to any malfunction until now, and we are satisfied with the service.

Selahattin Onur, who made evaluations about the marble industry, underlined that the industry should not be seen as only block marble sales, but also the importance of production, going out of existing markets and branding as well as block sales.

Site Manager; “Fuel Saving and Speed is Important”
The Site Manager of Onur Mermer, Bekir Erdaş, expressed his satisfaction by mentioning the performance of Sumitomo excavators and the quality of after-sales. While Bekir Erdaş draw attention to the low fuel consumption, he also emphasized their speeds. Erdaş continued: “We decided to buy Sumitomo two years ago. The most important points for us at Sumitomo are fuel advantage and speed. We monitor the fuel data of every machine every hour. Especially SH480LHD-5, which works in this furnace, is quite advantageous in terms of fuel compared to its 49 ton class. Fuel consumption/hour is averagely 29 liters. This machine works with ripper, breaker, panther and bucket. The fuel consumption of another machine in this tonnage is at least 34-35 liters per hour. Spare parts of Sumitomo can also be found easily. We do not have any problems with the service in this regard.

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