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Your Power in Marble Quarries

TSM Global provides services from quarry to port with its wide product range for the marble industry with the world’s leading brands Sumitomo and Hyster in the construction and stacking machinery market. TSM Global responds to the needs of its customers operating in the marble sector, which works 24/7 non-stop, with its widespread service network and appropriate spare parts supply, and supports them to make uninterrupted production by providing instant and fast service solutions.

TSM Global supports these services with Periodic Maintenance Agreement (PBA) packages, and takes the machines under full protection. Thus, more economical and easily accessible solutions are provided for the production and long-lasting machine park needs of the sector without stopping.

Sumitomo’s SH350LC-6, SH370LHD-6, SH490LHD-6 MASS and SH510LHD-6 MASS excavators stand out as the models offered for marble quarries. The SH700LHD-5 MASS model is preferred in large-scale quarry enterprises. The company’s product line also includes Hyster forklifts and stackers working in marble factories and ports.

High power, low tone high costs
Sumitomo’s SH370LHD-6, SH490LHD-6 MASS and SH510LHD-6 MASS series heavy-duty excavators are especially preferred with their high efficiency and power for the expectations of challenging marble quarries.

With the combination of Sumitomo’s powerful engine, hydraulic pump with increased production and “Sumitomo Intelligent Hydraulic Control System” (SIHIS) technology, high power, efficiency, performance, seriality and ease of use are offered together for marble quarries.

Thanks to the technologies obtained from fuel consumption in Sumitomo excavators, per tonne is reduced. Thanks to the SSC (Piston Stroke Control) system, the engine load is reduced during heavy-duty work, while the PTR (Pump Transition Drop) technology reduces the engine load in proportion to the pump flow driver sudden pump load. With the engine idling feature, the machine automatically stops the engine if it does not move for a set period of time, while the automatic idling feature allows the enclosure to continue idling for about 5 seconds after the levers are unloaded.

AES (Automatic Energy Saving) technology reduces engine speed accordingly when low engine load is detected. With the BES (Boom Down Energy Saving) technology, the engine speed is reduced when the boom is lowered and during rotation that does not require a large oil flow. These developed systems, combined with SP, H and A modes, which ensure high efficiency work production, allow very fast and controlled excavation, removal, block overturning, stone driving and loading.

Heavy-duty booms, arms and marches
Thanks to the extra reinforced MASS and heavy-duty boom and arm structure, taking into account the difficult construction site conditions, Sumitomo excavators show high performance especially in working with ripper. While the extra reinforced boom and arm structure creates less vibration during operation; high stress resistance also enables the machine to work comfortably even under the toughest loads.

Heavy-duty, armored undercarriage of Sumitomo excavators is another sought-after feature in the marble industry. Special heat-treated and reinforced undercarriage provides extra protection with its armored structure, as well as more rapid mobility thanks to the higher number of rollers.

The specially designed and developed cabin of Sumitomo provides the operator with excellent protection, comfort and visibility, enabling him to work efficiently during long working hours. The camera system, which provides rear and side view, ensures that occupational accidents are prevented by easily following other machines and personnel working behind and next to the operator while the operator is working in front of the mirror.

Sumitomo excavators, which offer daily control from ground level, provide uninterrupted production without stopping in high dusty environments in marble quarries, especially thanks to the 1,000 hour pin lubrication interval. Depending on the oil quality and operating conditions used, Sumitomo excavators pave the way for more efficient work with short maintenance times, thanks to 5,000 hours of hydraulic oil change, 2,000 hours of filter change, 250 hours of bucket and pin-bush lubrication time around it.

Hsyter for factories and ports
Hyster forklifts, another product group that TSM Global offers to its customers and preferred in the marble industry, is among the leading brands of the world with its full line production capacity from 1 ton to 54 tons. Hyster offers battery powered forklifts from 3 tons to 5.5 tons and diesel forklifts from 3 tons to 7 tons for the transport, stacking and loading of marbles at the factory sites. Hyster’s big-truck models between 8 and 32 tons are used for higher capacity loading and especially for loading operations of marble blocks at ports.

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