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HYSTER Power and TSM GLOBAL in Ports

Burçin Koçyiğit, General Manager of Kalkavan Port Services, one of Turkey’s leading loading and unloading companies, underlined that they prefer Hyster forklifts in all port operations they work with, and expressed their satisfaction with TSM Global’s professional service.

Kalkavan Port Services, which provides services to companies such as Çolakoğlu, Limak, Arkas, and Mardaş at the ports, also operates in the field of machinery rental and heavy transportation in addition to loading and unloading. Burçin Koçyiğit, who is the General Manager of the company and one of the second generation managers, said, “With its 40 years of history, Kalkavan Port Services is a well-known family company that is well known by the industry and always appreciated for its professional service approach. With our 600 employees, we provide uninterrupted service 365 days a year in the important ports and industrial facilities of our country. We love our job, we care about our job, and we continue to make our investments in this field. We have expanded and rejuvenated our machine park with the Hyster heavy tonnage forklifts and Sumitomo excavators that we have added to our fleet recently.”

Expressing that they evaluate global brands by considering the quality of after-sales service while creating a machine park, Koçyiğit said, “We tried many different brands and products. We evaluated it at different times. However, the Hyster and Sumitomo brands and the after-sales service quality offered by TSM Global have been a much more advantageous and correct choice for us. Very durable machines according to Turkish conditions. Machines with no parts or service problems. They are durable and robust machines that work with high efficiency”.

“We Are Very Satisfied With After-Sales Services”
Expressing their confidence in TSM Global with the words “The satisfaction we feel after sales is of great importance in our brand preference”, Burçin Koçyiğit noted that it is not possible to deposit their machines due to service and parts. Koçyiğit said, “Since we are satisfied with the after-sales service offered by TSM Global, I would like to state that we are making these new machinery investments with the brands of TSM Global. Because TSM Global is with us 24/7 for the smallest part need, for any technical support need. We have not encountered a situation that we have been waiting for until now, when we pull a machine aside so that it can be repaired in 10 days and 15 days,” he said.

“Hyster is the Right Choice”
Expressing that all forklift fleets are Hyster brand, Koçyiğit said, “Problem-free, technological, efficient, durable, comfortable, safe and powerful forklifts. Although our machines work under very heavy conditions, they show high performance. We have worked with many brands before, but we could not get this efficiency from Hyster from any of them. These machines give us all kinds of pluses.”

“Our Occupational Safety Red Line”
“Our business goes into heavy industry. Hazardous business class. That’s why we need to use the best products, the best quality products and the best machinery.” Burçin Koçyiğit emphasized that they attach great importance to occupational safety. Koçyiğit said, “Occupational safety is our red line. Just as the machine park and equipment we work with will be the best, our employees will be experts, trained and law-abiding professionals. We have always invested in this. We did not put anyone on the field who did not receive training. In line with the instructions of both the companies we serve and our own occupational safety experts, we have applied and are applying the rules without stretching. We strive to make everything the best. Our job is tough. It has many material and moral responsibilities and we are working with the awareness of this.”

Referring to their sensitivity to the environment, Koçyiğit said, “We take all the necessary measures to reduce environmental pollution and contribute to the environmental policies carried out in businesses. We are sensitive about this issue and we are doing our best.”

“High Performance in Difficult Conditions”
Field Operations Manager Kenan Karakelle stated that they work in challenging conditions and at a pace that competes with time, and said, “Hyster is really the right choice to work in these difficult conditions.” Underlining that heavy loads are handled in the port and facility they are in, and that this must be done both safely and quickly, Karakelle said, “Therefore, you need to work with the right machines. We started using Hyster forklifts in 2011. We have 8 16-ton, 4 32-ton and 2 3-ton forklifts in Çolakoğlu Metaluji. Of course, in addition to this, our Hyster forklift, with a weight of 3 tons, close to 40, works in Mardas Port and Marport Port. In addition, we also have Hyster’s 16 and 32 tons heavy tonnage forklifts and 3 tons forklifts at Iskenderun Limak Port. Currently, more than 100 Hyster forklifts are used in this and other facilities where we have worked. We are racing against time in all port works. A forklift’s breakdown, stoppage and job loss cost us a lot of time. We prefer Hyster so that our work does not stop. We are working with high performance in difficult conditions and we are very satisfied”.

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