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Logistics Sector Relies on HYSTER Power!

Ertan Keskin, Operations Director of Horoz Logistics Warehouses, one of the leading logistics companies in Turkey, expressed their satisfaction with the Hyster brand and said, “The machines fully met our needs and a very good service was provided at the service point.”

Horoz Logistics, one of the leading logistics brands in Turkey, continues its investments in order to respond to the growing market and increasing and diversifying customer needs. In this context, Horoz Logistics, which has increased its warehouse shelf capacities, continues to purchase new stacking machines. Lastly, Horoz Logistics Warehouses Operations Director Ertan Keskin, who added 6 Hyster forklifts and warehouse equipment to its machinery park, gave information about their investments and expressed their confidence in Hyster.

“Horoz Logistics, Turkey’s logistics company with 100% domestic capital, offers all the logistics services our customers need in an integrated way to meet the expectations and needs of our customers, and produces unlimited special solutions,” said Keskin, adding the machine park they need to provide these services. He underlined that they were very selective about their Keskin gave information about the process they went through, saying that they worked with many different brands before they started working with the Hyster brand. Keskin said, “We were working on vertical storage. Until then, we had used the machines of many well-known brands in Turkey. We had a serious machine experience. We went out to tender for the warehouse equipment we needed and this is how we met the Hyster brand. We had a serious experience in the bidding process. We were talking about the number of machines and of course we also compared Hyster products with our past experience and the machines we have. When we look at the technical and hardware aspects, we saw that the Hyster brand is in an advantageous situation when we made a price benefit analysis. “Today, there are some brands that we do not prefer, no matter what the price is. Because the issue is not to buy the machine, but to serve functionally after purchasing the machine. At that time, we believed that the Hyster brand could meet our needs technically,” he said.

Machines Fully Met Our Needs
Keskin, who said that they took the right step with their choice of Hyster, expressed his satisfaction with the machines and pointed out the importance of after-sales services. Ertan Keskin said, “The Hyster forklift and warehouse equipment we bought turned out to be much better and more robust than we expected. It was very good in use. The machines fully met our needs. Most importantly, we were provided with a very good service at the after-sales service point. For this reason, there were cases of immediate intervention in both personnel-based errors and self-induced malfunctions of the machines. In addition to the quality machines we have purchased, we have purchased more than a hundred machines on top of these numbers, with successful after-sales service. The reason is an indicator of our satisfaction,” he said.

Mentioning the changing logistics understanding and vertical storage needs, Ertan Keskin pointed out that the increasing logistics needs with the growing economy in our country brought along a more effective warehouse and logistics understanding. Underlining that the warehouses have grown a lot compared to the past and their transaction volumes have increased, Keskin said, “What happened as a result of this, they had to be transported with battery-powered in-warehouse equipment. Loads up to 750 kg, 1 ton began to be racked in warehouses with a ceiling height of 12-15 m. They had to be stacked high. and these naturally brought the need for VNA working in narrow aisles and reach trucks working in narrow aisles.Currently, 70% of our warehouses are narrow aisles, a transition in this direction.Of course, since it is not possible to manage some products in narrow aisles, one hundred percent “It is not possible for us to reach this ratio. However, narrow corridor systems have been adopted to a large extent,” he said.

Hyster Power in the Narrow Hallway
Keskin underlined that as Horoz Logistics, they attach great importance to the machinery used in narrow corridor operations, Keskin said; “Before we met Hyster, we had the opportunity to try it out by purchasing a narrow aisle machine from another company. In this context, we integrated a part of our warehouse according to the rack system in which narrow aisle machines could work. We used the rail guide wheel system before. It is like the existing guide cable system as it is now. We didn’t use a system. Frankly, we had some concerns when we first switched to narrow aisle equipment. We came to the point where we could not get efficiency from the machines, especially due to the incomplete technologies used due to the structure of the different brands of machines we purchased. Later, this situation inevitably created fear in us. But on the other hand, this We had to use technology. Because the market was pushing us in that direction. We had to keep trying. We met with Hyter VNA machines with the fears and experiences we had there. The technology used by Hyster and the structure of its machines offered a great advantage for us. Cable guides with Hyster By switching to the prompt, we saw that the machines became more controlled and moving faster. In other words, in the system we used before, both the machines were very slow and there were constant line outs. When he got off the line, the machines stopped. Even when the operator was sitting at the top, there were stops. We were in serious trouble. It had set our workforce backwards a great deal. In our business calculation, there was a large negative difference between the forecast and the actual. Now, of course, when we met Hyster VNA machines, we caught our old excitement again. That’s why we were excited about the plus that Hyster gave us there. In fact, we, as Horoz Logistics, are one of the logistics companies that switched to narrow aisle equipment for the first time in Turkey. Our implementation and success set an example for other companies. So he said, “This is happening”.

Hyster VNA machines accelerate our work with their patented features. Features that are not available in other brands increase our productivity by making our work significantly easier. In our existing narrow aisle equipment, the calibration settings of the machines can be made at certain standards so that the operator can move quickly and safely. It also allows the operator to take the material to the right place and pick it up from the right point without giving too much workload on the operator in terms of occupational safety. In other words, we get good efficiency from the machines in this regard.”

We Are Satisfied With After Sales
Drawing attention to the after-sales service by saying, “The most important issue here is not the perfection of the machine. You can have a perfect machine, but can this equipment be serviced afterward? I think this is one of the most important issues,” Keskin said, expressing their satisfaction with the service provided by TSM GLOBAL. “If service cannot be provided, you can see that that perfect machine does not give you efficiency after a certain time, that is, after it starts to wear out. If the product you bought fails, who will repair it? Who will you buy the old part from? When you think about these, the brand you prefer should have a vision and power to provide service to you. There are too many brands in the market today. However, when you see the inadequacy of many companies, especially in terms of after-sales service, you can see that there are very few companies that you can work with. This criterion is of great importance for companies like us that buy machines in high volumes,” said Ertan Keskin. “I think that provides a very accurate service in terms of spare parts and service. In summary, I can easily say that as Horoz Logistics, we are very satisfied with the Hyster brand, of which TSM GLOBAL is the Turkey representative, and its after-sales services.”

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