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Included in AMMANN’s dual tandem asphalt compacting product line, ARX110 draws attention thanks to its award-winning new design and compact construction. Provides excellent compaction thanks to its high impact power and balanced structure. Equipped with a high efficiency engine, and offering low fuel consumption and a robust construction, ARX110 tandem rollers may provide more compaction with lesser number of passing turns.


Ammann Heavy Tandem Rollers provide business owners with Ultimate Value Added features and benefits. The machines benefit from efficiency by providing industry-leading compaction efficiency. ARP models feature additional maneuverability and steering column, while ARX models offer an articulated handle concept for easier job sites.


Ammann Heavy Tandem Rollers incorporating a 2-stage heavy-duty vibrator allow easy adjustment of amplitude and frequency. Independently driven pump simplifies service and maintenance. The cab design offers comfort that helps the operator stay focused and productive throughout his shift. The optional Ammann Compaction Expert (ACE) system provides intelligent compaction benefits.


Ammann Heavy Tandem Rollers have proven their productivity on a variety of job sites. It can work on a variety of materials, including asphalt and different aggregates. ARP models can be used in highly developed and challenging areas due to their exceptional maneuverability. ARX models are used in less complex business areas and projects.

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