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TSM GLOBAL Power in Spare Parts

Keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront with its strong supply chain and stock management system, TSM Global succeeded in increasing the availability of parts to even higher rates in contrast to the problems experienced in supply processes around the world.

Gathering the world’s leading construction and stacking machinery brands under one roof, TSM Global Turkey is among the leading companies in the market with its wide product range appealing to different sectors. Combining the different needs brought by different sectors with the solutions it offers under one roof, TSM Global shows great success in supplying spare parts for this entire product group.

Süreyya İnan, TSM Global Spare Parts and Supply Chain Manager, whom we talked to about the subject, stated that they closely follow the needs and diversifying demands of the construction and stacking machinery market and said, “Our entire effort is to provide our customers with uninterrupted service in the supply of original and economical parts.” Pointing out that TSM Global’s product range consists of construction and stacking machinery brands, İnan noted that as a result of this, they offer simultaneous services to many different sectors. Indicating that this is an exciting process, İnan said, “As TSM Global, we have a very different customer portfolio working in different business lines, with peak points in different periods. We are talking about a very wide range from mines to logistics companies, from construction to chemical factories, from marble facilities to ports. At this point, we, as the supply chain and spare parts, take steps and develop strategies to provide the best service to these different demands of our customers.”

“Pandemic Period Has Been An Opportunity For The Customer”
Referring to the fact that the pandemic process, which has affected the whole world, has significant effects on business life, Süreyya İnan underlined that as the official distributor, they clearly saw the effects of this process on the demand for original spare parts and accordingly, they increased the stock levels. Süreyya İnan said, “This period has been a great opportunity especially for our customers and for us. Our customers, who desire uninterrupted operation of their machinery and equipment, have sought original parts. He realized that doing this through companies that are the official representatives of the brands is actually much more accurate and economical. He saw that they could reach professional solutions much more easily with us. In this period, when supply processes were blocked and freight charges increased costs with an unprecedented increase in history, it focused on supplying its spare parts and maintenance materials needs from the safe harbor official distributor. He saw that the service provided by official distributor companies like us offers much more advantages in terms of cost.”

Timely Original and Guaranteed Spare Parts
Noting that the problems to be experienced in the supply of spare parts during the pandemic period are a foreseen process as TSM Global, Süreyya İnan said, “By taking a step in the right time, we have prevented our customers from being damaged in the process by making extra stocks of thousands of items from different product groups that our customers may need. This was an important move, both financially and strategically, and the biggest winner was our customer.”

Widespread Dealer and Strong Warehouse Infrastructure
Indicating that they have a wide range of spare parts from excavators to cylinders, forklifts to platforms, nails to filters, Süreyya İnan said, “We have authorized spare parts in our regional directorates throughout Turkey, especially in Istanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Adana, Trabzon, Tekirdağ, Bursa, Diyarbakır and Antalya. In the warehouses of our dealers, many products that our customers may need are kept ready as off-the-shelf delivery. It is of great importance to respond quickly to the needs of our customers with our widespread spare parts network.

Speaking about future investments, Süreyya İnan said, “We have investment plans that are more competitive and prioritize customer satisfaction in line with the developing market conditions regarding digital infrastructure, personnel and physical infrastructure. Increasing machine population, extensive service and spare parts network always carry us forward”.

Using Original Spare Parts is an Economical and Smart Choice
Noting that original spare part products will be an easy-to-access, economical and high-yielding choice for today’s businesses, Süreyya İnan said, “The purchase cost of an original piece of equipment may be higher than that of sub-industry products, but the cost of using it is much less. Under-stair products cause unexpected and incredible problems in machinery and equipment in the medium and long term, and cause many parts to fail and become inoperable in a short time, starting with the parts to which they are connected. This evaluation is also reflected in our service records. From this point of view, we can easily say that using original parts is an economical and wise choice.”

Mentioning briefly about the product groups in the spare parts warehouses, İnan said, “Today, we have stocks from all the brands we represent; We serve our customers in a wide range of products, from engine parts to hydraulic system parts, from nails to filters, with more than ten thousand items and two hundred thousand products.”

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